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About Us

Helping you to find a solicitor

Through The Solicitor Finder you can compare conveyancing quotes for your property transaction, be it a sale, purchase, remortgage or equity transfer. This website came about because many people find it hard to find conveyancing quotes from different solicitors. This difficulty means that often, people who are looking for a conveyancing solicitor make a choice which either costs them more money than it should, or takes more time and delays the conveyancing process. The Solicitor Finder is here to help you find and compare conveyancing costs in England and Wales.

Search online for conveyancing services

Nowadays, many people choose to look further afield for conveyancing services, as any communication can be done by phone, email or post. Some people still prefer to find someone local however, and this is why you can compare conveyancing solicitors by location or by price. The Solicitor Finder makes it easy and convenient to search for a conveyancing solicitor from the comfort of your own home, or on your mobile or tablet.

Meet the Team

Here we introduce four of the team at The Solicitor Finder, all of whom are here to help home buyers and sellers looking for a conveyancing solicitor.

Angus looks after clients getting in touch to find their conveyancing solicitor, for their sale or purchase. With nearly two years of experience working in the property sector, Angus is clued up on property law.


Always trying to find the best fit for The Solicitor Finder clients, Valentino likes to talk over the phone about their conveyancing options before recommending the right conveyancer. Valentino can easily explain complex transactions such as purchase of freehold and lease extension.


Hari is passionate about getting The Solicitor Finder visitors moved faster. With an in-depth knowledge of the legal process that surrounds buying and selling property, remortgages and transfers of equity, Hari can help you understand the steps involved.


Mark is the technical force behind The Solicitor Finder. As the lead developer for the website, his main aim is to make the online experience as easy as possible for visitors, while making the match between client and solicitor ever more relevant.

Compare conveyancing fees online

A great benefit of using The Solicitor Finder to compare conveyancing solicitors is that you can accurately compare conveyancing fees. It’s hard enough when you’re buying a house – often the most expensive single item a person will ever buy – and then you’re faced with fees from lots of different areas. All property transactions cost money from a legal side, and this comparison site aims to help you make the right decision and find the best solicitor. Sometimes it’s hard to find and compare conveyancing costs, so that’s where The Solicitor Finder comes in. We save you the hassle of comparing conveyancing quotes from lots of different solicitor websites.

Fixed fee conveyancing

The Solicitor Finder also only brings you results which are fixed fees for conveyancing. These fixed fees apply to typical or standard conveyancing transactions only, and anything different than this, including any extra costs, will be explained to you by your conveyancing solicitor during the process.

Working with all mortgage lenders

Another joy of comparing conveyancing solicitors here is that you can specify which mortgage lender you are using. Your search results can be filtered by the conveyancing solicitors who can work with your mortgage lender, so as to minimise any unnecessary delays to your property purchase.

Based in London, covering England and Wales

We are lucky enough to be based in Chancery Lane, close to the offices of the Law Society and many conveyancing solicitors in London. We include conveyancing solicitors across England and Wales on The Solicitor Finder, so that you can find the best solicitor for you, by either location or price.